Extra Info

At Affordable Nflatables, we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction since the moment we opened in 2021. Great service begins with great people. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rentals. We’re a team of dedicated professionals with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient, and satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Deposit's Refundable?

Yes... A deposit is mandatory it gurantees your reservation, which blocks it from being rented. The deposit is applied to the cost of the rental. 72 HOUR advanced cancellation may request for a complete refund,or use the deposit for a later date.

Do I have to have a certain Plot Size?

Yes, one of our staff members would love to assist discussing the necessary dimensions before delivery. They also can come out the day before to assess and discuss the placement of the bouncer at your chossen location.

Do you deliver, setup and take down?

Yes, we deliver for free within 10 miles over that will be a $3.00 per mile delivery fee. Setup and Take down is included with the price of the inflatables.

What about covid-19 concerns?

Through Covid protocol, the bouncers are steralized and cleaned after each use.

Why don't you allow silly string on the bounce houses?

Silly string can have some major effects on a bounce house and do serious damage. There is a chemical in silly string that causes silly string to adhere to an inflatable when it comes in contact with it. This chemical will then burn into the unit causing a wept mark on the unit similar to a burn scar. Cleaning silly string off a moon bounce is almost impossible. It takes hours and tons of goo gone to get silly string off a moon bounce. Often times, getting all of the silly string off is never possible. Despite these effects of silly string on an inflatable, it is also very unsafe for children. This same chemical that will burn the unit can also cause the unit to become extremely slippery and cause slip hazards. If you aren’t sure why slipping on a bounce house is unsafe-imagine children colliding and bumping heads. There is also the risk of getting silly string in their eyes and mouth. Because the children are bouncing around, it is more likely to get in someones eyes. While silly string can be fun at parties, allowing children to spray silly string inside or on an inflatable isn’t a good idea . The reality is this idea is very unsafe and can be costly to parents. We will implement a cleaning fee to anyone who uses silly string on our bounce houses. If we find damage is done to the bounce house in result of silly string usage, you could be charged a damage fee.

Does it include the blower?

Yes, each of our bouncers come provided with bouncer at time of set up. Each blower will require 8.5 amps.